Nexteco – Stack Mold Carrier (SMC) Centering Devices


A robust, accurate, synchronized centering device which can be either mold mounted or machine mounted depending on your application


  • Stack mold carrier is machine-based providing robust mold support and centering
  • Design features for safe handling with a balanced lifting point on the assembly
  • Fast and easier installation compared to other systems saving 50% time
  • Adapts to most machines and molds providing critical support for mold alignment and longevity
  • System can be optimized for family molds with asymmetrical opening to minimize clamp stroke and cycle time
  • Unrestricted access to the mold for utilizing robot automation and allowing for tool maintenance
  • Standardized mold mounting points for flexibility and fast mold changes improving productivity
  • Can accommodate a wide range of mold shut heights and openings within the machine’s capability
  • Interchangeable modular design for adapting to different machines with some component changes
  • Minimal maintenance with spare parts support

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