TGM premises are fully equipped with the latest state of art high precision machine cells which allow us to manufacture highly complex parts within the tolerance of ±.0002” (5 µm) in reduced time. Our machining capabilities include but are not limited to CNC turning, large 4 & 5 axis machining, high-speed milling, surface grinding, out-of-round universal grinding, jig grinding, jig boring, EDM and mold testing. TGM utilizes its in-built comprehensive fixturing system which reduces the setup and manufacturing time while increasing the precision and orientation of machining the part. TGM is a firm believer in lean manufacturing and just in time principles. TGM has invested in best manufacturing ERP systems which gives us more visibility and is designed to prevent costly downtime while increasing manufacturing efficiency and quality. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced process engineers who use our proven ERP systems to schedule, plan and integrate manufacturing processes of each part and anticipate bottlenecks ahead of time. To ensure accuracy and consistency, TGM has a well-established quality control team that checks and documents each critical manufacturing step for each part through our proven “I-Check” system and CMM machines. This, in turn, brings accountability to each step of the manufacturing process and provides an ease of part interchangeability if and when required.

Through the principles of lean manufacturing, each component is pushed through our continuous workflow system up until the final assembly/shipping stage.