Over the years, TGM has demonstrated its excellence and top notch knowledge and expertise in the field of injection molding by manufacturing molds for over 33 countries around the world. We take immense efforts in each and every project and handle them at a personal level. Our people are trained to collaborate deeply with our client needs and understand their business and market demands in order to manufacture the product best suited for their fields. TGM solely believes that packaging design and branding go hand in hand. We go that extra mile to get you the best cycle time without compromising with product functionality, aesthetics and performances. Our team is extremely skilled and proficient in estimating the shrinkage rates, calculating cooling requirements and selecting appropriate materials. We have built many different types and styles of injection molds which include but are not limited to multi-level stack molds, unscrewing molds and molds with multiple actuations. Our knowledge, dedication, passion and persistence to contribute to the world set us apart from our competition.